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Who We Are

We are Springfield Barns Holiday Cottages, our spacious, pet friendly cottages are situated in the heart of the tranquil hamlet of Marton in North Shropshire just 10 miles from Shrewsbury.

Our address is: The Drift House, Springfield Barns, Marton, Shropshire, SY4 3SA.

Your Privacy

Your privacy matters to us and we are committed to the highest data privacy standards, confidentiality and adherence with the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR.

. To disclose this to you, our Privacy Notice includes the following:

•    What data we collect from you.
•    How and why we process it.
•    Who we share it with and why.

We adopt the six core principles of data protection which are:
1.    Lawfulness, fairness and transparency - we process personal data lawfully, fairly and in a                       transparent manner in relation to you, the data subject.
2.    Purpose limitation - we only collect personal data for a specific, explicit and legitimate purpose.         We clearly state what this purpose is in this Privacy Notice, and we only collect data for as long           as necessary to complete that purpose.
3.    Data minimisation - we ensure that personal data we process is adequate, relevant and limited            to what is necessary in relation to the processing purpose.
4.    Accuracy - we take every reasonable step to update or remove data that is inaccurate or                     incomplete. You have the right to request that we erase or rectify erroneous data that relates to         you, and we will complete this task as soon as possible but guarantee to do so within a month.
5.    Storage limitation - we delete personal data when we no longer need it. Whilst the timescales in          most cases aren't set, we outline our retention strategy within this Privacy Notice.
6.    Integrity and confidentiality - we keep personal data safe and protected against unauthorised              or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate                technical or organisational measures.

Collection Of Your Personal Data

We may collect your personal information via disclosure directly from you or via another company. This might be via our website, other websites advertising our cottages, e mail, telephone or face to face engagement.

Categories And Type Of Personal Data Collected And Processed

We will collect contact details from you in order to provide our holiday homes or respond to your enquiries. These will include:

•    Name
•    Address
•    Telephone number(s)
•    E mail addresses
•    Booking dates 
•    Financial details for payments ( Card / Cheques) 

We will gain additional personal information from individuals who apply to us for employment, which will be relative to determining their suitability and qualification for any job vacancies we have. 
We may also capture some data which can be considered as personal data when you visit our website and further information is given in the Cookie section at the bottom of this policy. 

Our website contains links to other organisations websites, for which we are not responsible. You should ensure that you are aware of the Privacy and Cookie information provided by any site which you link onto. 

If you have enquired about our holiday homes via a website which is not ours, that organisation will pass your personal data to us. You should ensure you are aware of that organisations Privacy and Cookie information.  
We will not normally need to collect any personal data from you which would be classified as ‘Special Category’ or that of children. We would only require ‘Special Category data in the event of meeting our Health and Safety obligations, should an incident occur during your stay at one of our cottages. 

We will treat all personal data in the strictest confidence. 

Reason For Data Collection And Processing Activities

The information which we collect about you, is used to enable us to contact you through various communication channels on matters directly related to the services we provide and any booking you have with us. 

We will not use your personal data for marketing purposes or to publish reviews from you, without your consent.  

Sharing Of Personal Data

During the delivery of our services to you, we may share your data with other companies who are critical to us for bookings, payment and in enabling communication with you. These companies will be Data Processors to us and are contractually required to only process your personal data in accordance with contracted terms; which requires them to ensure your data is protected using appropriate technical and organisation measures. 

Some of the companies with whom we share your personal data are located outside of the UK and in countries which do not have the same legal framework for the protection of privacy rights. We have ensured that these companies provide sufficient safeguards to protect your data. 

A full list of processors is available on request. 

We may also need to share your data in order to meet our commercial legal obligations, respond to requests from regulatory bodies or for our own legal defence. 

We will never sell your personal data or allow those we share it with to use it for their own marketing purposes, without gaining your prior consent. 

Securing and Processing Of Your Personal Data

The personal data collected from you will be held securely by us or our processors and access to it will be limited to only those who need it. 

We employ a range of Technical and Organisational measures to ensure that your data remains secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons, mis-used, lost or altered. Our staff and processors work under the provisions of strict confidentiality requirements and receive training in our data security policies and procedures. 

In the unlikely event that we lose your data, or a device on which your data resides, or it is accessed by someone unauthorised, we have a duty to inform you immediately. If the loss or unauthorised access of your data has potential to cause you harm, we will also report this to the Information to the

Commissioners Office, who are responsible for regulating data protection legislation in the UK. 

Our Legal Basis For Processing Your Personal Data

We are required to identify one of six possible legal grounds for processing. These are: 
•    consent
•    contract
•    legitimate interests
•    vital interests
•    public task 
•    legal obligation

The majority of our processing activities are crucial to the provision of the holiday services, which we enter into a contract with you to provide, so we process your personal data on the basis of that contractual relationship.

We also process your data under our legitimate interests when utilising various third-party systems through which to provide bookings, facilitate online payments or communications. 

How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Data For?

If you have used our services we will retain your data for 7 years, after which we will securely destroy it or erase it from our IT systems or physical storage. 

If you applied to us for employment and were not successful, we will not hold your personal data for longer than twelve months. 

Your Rights In Relation To Personal Data

Under the UK GDPR, you have rights to access and control your personal data. These rights include:

•    access to personal information 
•    correction and deletion
•    withdrawal of consent (if processing data on condition of consent)
•    data portability
•    restriction of processing and objection
•    lodging a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office

You can exercise your rights by emailing our nominated responsible Director:

If you are unhappy with anything we have done with your data, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office.

To make a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office use the link below or call their hotline on Tel No.: 0303 123 1113. 

How To Contact Us 

For all data protection matters or questions relating to how we manage your data, you can contact our responsible Director.

Responsible Director:  Donna Cooke 

Or write to the address given at the beginning of this Notice. 

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